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If you ever happen to chance on an old UK road atlas or street map, you may be surprised to find that not far from Manchester, in Ellesmere Port, is a road which goes by the name of Viva Way. Given that it has Latin origins, in a roundabout way, it is a bit surprising that we don't have more streets in the country called Viva Close, Viva Drive, Viva Avenue, or just plain old Viva Road. After all, given that Viva has such positive connotations to it (think of the Benidorm classic Viva Espana), it is bound to put a smile on the face of a weary traveller in the same way as such classics as Gropecunt Lane, Cumming Street and Butthole Road did for numerous passersby.

To many people, the streets are a living entity, blessed with life and energy, where all forms of economic and social activity are to be encouraged. Although such sentiments are shared in the United Kingdom, what you definitely won't see much of on the streets of the UK is prostitution. This is since there are numerous ancient and modern laws in place to control and suppress street prostitution, governing the activities not only of workers walking the streets, but also the clients crawling the kerbs in search of some action. Some of these restrictions are moral, others are social, and yet even more are enacted ostensibly to protect people from common harms such as bait-and-switching, catfishing frauds, trafficking, or just plain old physical violence.


With that in mind, it may come as a bit of a surprise for a random person on the Clapham omnibus to find out that the one street which contains all manner of prostitution related activities, much of it undesirable, sordid and on the margins of the law, is the street known as Viva Street. As any random online surfer will know, the online version of the English high street ends as, so it goes without saying that for someone looking for smut and deceit, the one road to go to would be the street known as vivastreet .


From the city centre (in postcodes like M1, M2, M3 and M4), through to outlying towns like Bury (BL9), Oldham (OL1), Stockport (SK1) and Bolton (BL1), the one street guaranteed to ensure that you are going to be flooded with escort, agency, brothel and massage parlour adverts is Vivastreet. Some of these adverts may be genuine, but without substantial verification to the contrary, you can bet your bottom dollar that many of these adverts are far from being genuine or savoury, seeking to part you from your money without any good intentions in return.


Why? Well, that is simply because when so much money is on offer from being able to advertise people, there is very minimal incentive for proper checks to be placed on those travelling this street to verify that they are truly genuine. All that matters is being able to pay your toll fee, not checking that you are roadworthy or even able to drive. Thus, we end up up with profile photos which are fake (with catfishing pics taken from Instagram profiles and Chinese lingerie modelling catalogues); ladies who are never going to offer the advertised service (either because they are deposit scammers, catfishers or even worse), and


Granted, the highways maintenance crew who run this place may claim to be active in keeping the road clear and repairing potholes, but all of this is mere window dressing, since deep down, they know it is bullshit. The newspapers and punting forums know it is bullshit too, which is why there are numerous

Thus, the only sort of traffic people associate with Viva Street is not smooth roads and easy riding, but rather trafficking of the most human kind. If you don't believe me, all you need to do is

Despite this, you will find loads of prostitution adverts on Vivastreet, many of which are skirting the law in the country. For example, Vivastreet like to try and claim that they are adopting a moral

Lets be honest - that is all hogwash, and is there, as the Portuguese would say, "para o ingles ver". In other words, while they may claim in public to be acting to counter trafficking, and the reality is otherwise

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