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Please forgive the lack of updates, but when the world has been going to hell in a handbasket, then the incentive which exists to write anything tends to go down the shitter (much like the valuation of Elon Musk's recently acquired Twitter). That doesn't mean to say that we have not been doing anything at Club Indigo, as in between having some ladies come and go on a trial basis, we have also been keeping up to date with some refurbishments at the place.


Of course, what really matters is profile updates, so we're sure that you'll be happy to know that Mia has new photos on her profile (along with a number of photos and videos in her Adultwork profile). She does seem to be settling in quite well and is proving to be quite popular, so much so that she has an incedible knack of having gentlement who visit extending their appointments within minutes of meeting, so taken are they by her and her feminine charms. In a way, it is natural, because in a world of hate, war, fear and geopolitical tension, we all need someone to bring us love and happiness while easing our very own physical tension.