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A question escorts in Manchester are frequently asked is if they enjoy poppers. It is something which brings out a variety of responses, in part since it is very much of a Marmite topic - some people like them, some hate them, and others have no idea what to say because there is so much confusion relating to them, brought about in part by social stigma and media hysteria over them.


First, what are poppers? If you're new to this, then we can point out that despite sounding similar to a popular advertising jingle, poppers are not related to Pringles. So, while a can of Pringles can be addictive to the point that once you pop you can't stop, they definitely have no place in the bedroom (unless you're Danielle Lloyd). Rather, poppers is a fairly generic name given for a wide range of chemical products which tend to have a similar chemical composition and provide approximately the same sort of buzz to users. Some types, such as those based on isoamyl nitrites, have strict regulations on their use in the UK, meaning they're essentially banned. Others, however, are based on a twist to the original composition, such as alkyl nitrate, are governed by a different set of guidance relating to their use, distribution and marketing, meaning they are a "legal high" of sorts (despite fairly recent government attempts to ban them outright).

Given they sound similar, it can be confusing discussing them, but it is the latter set of poppers that this post is about. With brand names such as Liquid Gold or Rush XXX, they tend to come in little brown bottles with lurid foils designed to lure in users, rather like vaping liquids and energy drinks are sold to all and sundry now. Unlike adult videos, which are sold in specifically regulated establishments, not only are popper sold online, but they can be bought anywhere on the highstreet, even at the local off-license. However, not only are buyers meant to be 18+, but poppers are not actually sold for adult consumption, but are instead sold for uses as diverse as cleaning leather, nail care, or as a room odoriser (to "odorise" a room, obviously).

Now, unless you are a Tom of Finland afficionado, you're not likely to use a bottle of poppers to polish your finest bondage gear when better products exist. Instead, as happens especially, but not exclusively, in the gay community, you'll be using it as an aid for chemsex. It isn't my place to discuss exactly how this is done, as lack of experience, interest, and a wish to support it means I am not comfortable doing, so I'm going to make my excuses and leave. Suffice to say though, Wikipedia and Google are your friend when it comes to using such items in the best way possible to reach that sensual high.

However, what I will say is this: if you ever do decide to get poppers, unless you're using them while home alone, please pay some consideration to the safety of those around you. Whether you are with pals from the Village or seeing a Manchester escort, poppers are not harmless, so always ask beforehand if you can open a bottle while they are around. Passive smoking harms others, as does passive popping; so what may be a cool headrush to you can end up as a mega headache to someone else, not to mention causing heart issues that can even be fatal. Always close your poppers bottle when finished, and always ensure that your local area is well ventilated, ensuring that the fumes are given a chance to disappear ASAP.


Now that you have read this, how about letting this gentlemen offer his opinion on poppers ...



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