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Finally, we have some decent weeks of summer weather with us. It won't last, it never does, but for now, we may as well enjoy everything that comes with it. To some, the best thing about summer is parking off at the beer garden; to others, it is looking at pretty ladies in sun dresses. To me, the highlight of summer is annoying the neighbours by mowing the lawn while they are settling down for a BBQ. Let's face it, they are going to mess things up anyway, and be forced to order a meal from Deliveroo, so you can say that I am doing them a favour by getting them inside before they are forced to eat a sausage which has been burned to a crisp.


Now on the subject of favours, we have been blessed by Hazel, who has gifted us with a whole load of new photos. Some are cosplay themed pics, while others are of a kinkier nature, going from modeling an awesome figurehugging bodysuit down to wearing a vivid cherry latex dress that is as tight as a glove. There are a number of photos on her profile here, but it goes without saying that if you head over to the AdultWork profile of Hazel, there will be more stuff there eventually. If you are lucky, there may also be a couple of video clips which are more than an eye-opener to this lady's erotic abilities. I can guarantee one thing - whether it is from Greggs or the Oktoberfest, you will NEVER look at a sausage in the same way ever again!