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Get ready for the GFE Escort sensation Robin

According to the BBC, the world is enduring the hottest average temperature ever. Scenes of raging wildfires, parched rivers and apocalyptic heat appear to be on TV all the time to confirm this. It is hell out there, and if things get any worse than they are, I'm going to do the only sensible thing any person can do, which is to bash my TV to smithereens.


Needless to say, if you live in the Greater Manchester area, you'll probably have experienced this nightmare summer scenario too. Rather than raining every single day of the week, we now seem to be enduring just 6 rainy days on a regular basis Clearly, the clouds seem to be taking unkindly to the El Nino weather phenomenon, and are now behaving like train drivers with their regular days off every week. If things continue at this rate, we may end up for enough days to play a full cricket test match without any rain interupting play. Whether that is a good thing though depends on your feelings about whether there is still a sense of fairplay in cricket with players behaving according to "the spirit of the game". While I feel it was wrong for Johnny Bairstow to have been run out in the way he had, if the shoe had been on the other foot and it had been an Australian player to be stumped in a similar fashion, I'd be all for it, since nobody whinges quite like they do.


Anyway, less about the robbin' gits behind the crease, and on to the lovely Robin. If you've come in through our index page, you'll note that we have a new lady with us. She's a gorgeous new babe called Robin - she's pretty, she's English, she is very funny, and she is in on Monday. We are sure she will be a great addition to the team, and hope you give her a warm welcome.