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Screw “that pic” of Huw Edwards naked, what you need is to see Paula naked!

What a weird week it has been. Like many, my attention has focused on the story posted by a national newspaper over what someone at the BBC was alleged to be up to. Initially, it seems like another rerun of the Jimmy Saville scandal, with the BBC trying to cover the identity of the person up, leading to lots of potentially libelous statements over who it could be. Now though, it looks like it was simply a case of the presenter Huw Edwards paying to see some naked pics of a dude on OnlyFans (although paying £35K does sound like a lot for private gallery pics). This is a story which is going to run for a long time though, and I hope that the people who OK'd a sensationalist story with minimal facts get severely punished for it. However, I'm probably pissing in the wind with this hope, as the offending paper is the nation's favourite source of shit news, The Sun, who could probably outdo Joseph Goebbels in dragging the truth through a gutter.


There is not much of an update for Indigo this week, other than to say that Paula has new photos on her profile. We hope you enjoy them - all I can say is that she would definitely look better naked than Huw Edwards, according to some pic said to be on the net.